Physical Development

Genes & Environment

2.1. Summary and objectives: Nature vs. nurture or nature and nurture?
2.2. Heritability: Why can’t two blue-eyed parents have brown-eyed offspring?
2.3. Population variability: How does genetic diversity help continue the species?
2.4. Gene-environment relationships: How are personality traits really inherited?
2.5. Twin and adoption studies: When twins are raised apart, do they act the same?
2.6. Genetic marker studies: Can popularity be coded in genes?
2.7. Why does this matter? How could genetics change our children’s environment?

3.1. Summary and objectives: What exactly happens from conception to cradle?
3.2. Periods of prenatal development: How are periods different from trimesters?
3.3. Birth: What are the stages of birth and how do you know when it’s starting?
3.4. Methods to test the newborn: How can we tell if baby is healthy?
3.5. Newborn reflexes: How can we know everything is wired correctly?
3.6. Why does this matter? What are some risks to the fetus?

4.1. Summary and objectives: What determines how babies grow?
4.2. Secular growth trends and puberty: Why are we maturing faster today than ever?
4.3. Hormones: Which hormones are responsible for growth?
4.5. Newborn nutrition: What should we feed babies and when?
4.6. Why does this matter? Why are children today so overweight?

5.1. Summary and objectives: What does the nervous system do and when?
5.2 Neurons, the building block of the nervous system: What are the parts of a neuron?
5.3. Da Brain: What are the functions of the different parts of the brain?
5.4. Neural Development: Where do neurons come from and where do they go at puberty?
5.5. Why does this matter? What are the effects of brain damage after puberty?

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