Social Factors

emotional development & self

  • Key concepts: social smiles, basic emotions, complex emotions, attachment.
  • Methods and findings: strange situation,
  • Cross-cutting concepts:
  • Why does this matter?

personality & moral development

  • Key concepts: the big five, Rothbart’s dimensions, slow-to-warm up, difficult, secure, introversion.
  • Methods and findings: personality quizzes, cross-culture studies of personality.
  • Cross-cutting concepts: evocative gene-environment relationships
  • Why does this matter? Raising a “difficult” child

family relationships

  • Key concepts: styles of parenting, divorce effects, blended families
  • Methods and findings:
  • Cross-cutting concepts:
  • Why does this matter?

peers & groups

  • Key concepts: popularity, effects of peer pressure
  • Methods and findings: Asch Line Conformity studies
  • Cross-cutting concepts: The need to fit in.
  • Why does this matter? Ostracism and Bullying

media effects

  • Key concepts: Effects of media on IQ, attention, aggression, TV, video games, iPad.
  • Methods and findings: Diary studies, Nielson, Study of Media in American Life
  • Cross-cutting concepts: Takes a village to raise a child
  • Why does this matter? Power of advertising.

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